The Inexorable Mouths of Snails

foot-as-mouth disease

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Hi.. hope you don't mind me posting; I know you vaguely from the 12C garb yahoogroup.

I have a similar thing; a goddess made of grey wax which dripped in the wind during an overnight vigil. She is delicate, beautiful, and entirely made by nature as I didn't even notice she was there until morning. She is one of my treasured possessions.

I don't mind at all :)

I'm glad, actually, that I'm not the only one who is so deeply moved by such naturally occuring images. Makes me feel a bit less odd :)

no you aren't the only one ... it's nice to know I am not so odd after all

Goddess finds

I had a rather odd expierience of a Goddess finding me. I went to the storage unit for my local Barony to return some items after an event, and as I went to toss some random thing into the dumpster I saw a sculpture had been left there, (or she crawled out in my opinion). She is a rather beautiful "Mother" shaped, and I feel she chose me to be her custodian.

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